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Admission is determined by the attending doctor.

The doctor will complete the “Application Form for Admission” or “Request for Admission Form” (Green Form).

Clinic staff will ensure the patient’s insurance card is valid for admission and other procedures; the patient is covered by a GL (guarantee letter issued by his/her employer); or financial arrangements are made (deposit is paid or credit card is accepted).

Admission Counter staff will confirm room booking status.

The doctor will complete the “Pre Admission Insurance form” which will be signed by both the doctor and patient.


NOTE While waiting for admission process to be completed, the patient can wait in the clinic, in the lobby or at home (if it is not an emergency case).


Room for patient will be allocated accordingly.


Application in process (Admission)

Customer Service staff will fax “Pre Admission Form” to the patient's insurance company.

Customer Service staff will determine validity of GL / Initial GL,

Upon approval (insurance cover/GL) clinic staff will usher patient to Customer Service Counter for further procedures.

(Customer Service staff will inform patient or clinic staff if insurance provider has declined to provide cover or GL is not accepted.)   

Patient / guardian will sign Admission form and other relevant documents.

Customer Service staff will produce “Checklist for Admission”, relevant KMC pamphlets and feedback form to patient.

Admission Kit (for VIP room patients only) will given to patient in the ward during nurse’s briefing.



Doctor will complete Insurance form which will be faxed to the insurance provider.

Upon receipt of insurance approval  or  GL, Customer Service staff will usher patient to Day Care together with  the relevant documents.


NOTE:  Patients who are without accompanying family members or a guardian can request for the assistance of clinic staff.