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All admissions require a deposit, the amount to be decided when you are registering for admission.


Kindly contact Customer Service or Admissions staff to top up your deposit and be prepared to pay any outstanding amount upon discharge.


In order to help you manage  your finances, our estimated deposit amount will be as follows:

          Admission Details Amount
          Major Surgery​ RM3,500
          Minor Surgery​ RM2,000
          Medical Cases​ RM1,500
          Delivery​ RM2,000

For insurance covered patients, amount of deposit is RM 500.00.

(For patients who are funded by insurance and would like to use the insurance for admissions, but at the time of entry did not want to wait any longer for confirmation by GL which has not yet been received.)

In the event that your actual expenses are less than your deposit, you will receive a refund. However, you would need to top up the deposit should it be depleted during your stay in our hospital.


We regret to inform you that personal cheques are NOT accepted. However, we accept all the following credit cards and debit cards. 


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