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 Patient Information

As a patient of KMC, you have the right to:
Timely, adequate information and consent
  • You shall be given adequate medical information such as medical condition, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
  • You shall be informed of any available alternative treatment.
  • You shall be informed of the professional identity of your healthcare providers.
  • You shall be entitled to a Medical Report, upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.
  • You shall be entitled to an itemised bill and explanation of hospital charges upon request.
  • You shall, upon request, be given advice in relation to promotion, preventive, curative medicine and rehabilitation to maintain good health and healthy lifestyle.

Medical treatment 

  • You shall be given medical treatment, including treatment in emergency situations, in accordance with currently accepted standards of hospital care in Malaysia.​
Choices of Care 
  • You are entitled to refuse a recommended treatment and be discharged at your own risk.
  • You are entitled to request for a second opinion from another external physician.
  • You are entitled to request for a referral to another healthcare provider.
  • You are entitled to decline participation in medical research programmes.

Participation and Representation

You shall have the right to participate in decision-making affecting your health:


  • With the health professionals and personnel involved in direct healthcare, and
  • Through consumer representation in planning and evaluating the system of health services, the types and qualities of service and the conditions under which health services are to be delivered.

In the case of a minor, consent shall be obtained from the parent or guardian. If a patient is incapacitated and delay would be dangerous, a doctor shall carry out the necessary treatment or operation.

 Privacy and dignity
  • Your personal and medical information shall be confidential.
  • Your privacy, dignity, religious and cultural beliefs shall be respected. 

Hospital environment

  • You shall be treated in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.
  • You shall be treated in an environment that is conducive to good health, which included and extends to a health professional’s office, health centre, ward and other treatment facilities.
Redress of Grievances
  • You are entitled to raise any concern and to request for assistance from the hospital staff.
  • You are entitled to have access to an appropriate grievance mechanism.
  • You shall have access to appropriate redressal procedures and the right to legal advice with regards to any malpractice by a doctor or other healthcare professional.
  • You shall have the right to recover damages for injury or illness incurred or aggravated as a result of the failure of the healthcare professional to exercise due care required of you.