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 Preparation Before Health Screening

General advice
  • Fast from 12.00 midnight before the day of your  appointment.
  • No food or beverage is allowed while fasting, with the exception of plain water.
  • ​All medications can be taken as instructed by your physician, except for diabetes.
  • ​Diabetes medication can be taken once you are allowed to take refreshment.
  • Light refreshment is allowed ​once your blood has been drawn by MLT, and / or after completing Ultrasound examination.
Stress Test (Treadmill)
  • This test takes about 20 – 30 minutes to complete.
  • Please bring along your jogging attire and shoes for this test.
  • Avoid having a heavy meal before undergoing this test.

Pap Smear (for ladies only) 

  • The ideal time to have your pap smear done is between 10 – 14 days after your first day of last menstrual.
  • If you are having your period on the day of appointment, please contact us  to reschedule your appointment.
  • This is because blood interferes with the end result of ​urine test and pap smear.
Mammogram (for ladies only)
  • ​​For this procedure, do not wear deodorant, talcum powder or lotion on your breasts as well as under your arms on the day of the examination.
  • In addition, please remove all jewellery above the waist before the procedure.
  • If possible, bring along prior mammogram films / reports, if available.