• Vision

    To be the specialist hospital of choice whereby every individual will have an access to high-standard of healthcare accustomed to any developed countries.


  • Mission

    Every individual should have access to a decent, efficient, high standard and affordable healthcare delivery.


  • Quality

    We strive to do the right things right from the first moment.


  • Credo

    · We pledge that every individual is very important and will be treated equally with utmost dignity.

    · We pledge that patient’s record is confidential.

    · We pledge that our patients will get the best value for their money.

    · We pledge that patient’s care is utmost important and will be given the highest priority.

    · We pledge that our care to patients transcends the boundaries of status and social standing.


  • Patients Charter

    · Right to health care and humane treatment.

    · Right to choice of care.

    · Right to acceptable safety.

    · Right to adequate information and consent.

    · Right to redress of grievances.

    · Right to participation and representation.

    · Right to health education.

    · Right to a healthy environment.